The Tree

You love your trees. They provide blossoms in spring, shade in the summer months, and multicolored foliage in autumn. They enhance the look and atmosphere of your property. But what happens when they become overgrown or get struck by lightning? What if they contract a plant disease? What if a heavy limb is hanging dangerously low over your roof? Not only will trees in these scenarios no longer look their best, they can also pose danger to your family and your property. Call in a tree contractor for maintenance services, such as pruning and limb removal, as well as tree and stump removal. With professional help, you can ensure that your yard and its occupants–human, pet, and plant–look and feel their best. tree trimming phoenix¬†

Pruning and Trimming

You might need trees pruned for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the branches of your large oak tree have crossed the fence into your neighbor’s yard. Perhaps the line of pine trees at the edge of your property is obstructing your ability to turn safely out of your driveway. Your trees might be growing toward power lines or getting so large that the branches knock on your bedroom window at night. Or you might simply need to remove dead or unstable limbs. Whatever the reason, a professional tree contractor can work with you to ensure a good result. Trimming and pruning is beneficial for the tree, especially when you’re removing dead or dying branches that can leach nutrients. Removing unstable limbs keeps them from falling on your home, your vehicle, or your children. And of course, well-maintained trees improve the aesthetics of your property.

Tree Removal Services

If you’ve got a tree that’s dead, diseased, or in the way of planned construction, a tree contractor can help you get rid of it entirely. Tree removal isn’t a DIY job. Tree contractors are trained in safe tree removal techniques. That means felling the tree in the most efficient and safe manner to avoid property damage and personal injury. Plus, your tree removal pro will know how best to dispose of the dead tree, whether it can be cut into firewood, can be chipped for mulch, or must be thrown away in pieces. Tree contractors can also help you figure out how existing trees can fit into new landscaping plans; it may be possible to work around a beloved tree, rather than chopping it dow